• Photo must only include an image of the person this drawing is for. (Do not upload an image with multiple people or someone else if it’s supposed to be a headshot for you alone).
  • Photo must be high resolution
  • Photo must have adequate lighting (for identifying key features and depicting accurate skin tone).
  • Please include your whole head and hair in image (ie. don’t crop that messy bun)
  • Whatever you are wearing or accessorized with in the image will be sketched in the drawing. If you are wearing sunglasses, a helmet, or a funny mask, we will draw exactly what we see unless we are given explicit instructions otherwise. Accommodating any special requests is solely up to our discretion. 

Drawings will be translating the photo “as is.” If any part of the portrait is cut off the artist will use their best judgement to fill in the missing portion. There are no redos so please make sure to upload a great image for the artists to work with!

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