Inspiring New Experiences

Drawing Booth prides itself as the first interactive digital live event drawing portrait company.  

Inspired by the founder’s unique illustration talent and love of meeting new people, Drawing Booth provides sophisticated, quick portraits, hand-drawn by top artists using the latest technologies.

Clients and their guests experience seeing themselves through the eyes of a professional artist, drawing faster than artists traditionally do, engaging with the guests on the event floor. Guests witness the artistic process first hand, and see their positive qualities portrayed with beauty and elegance.

Marketing integrations include being able to brand the drawing with your event information and sponsor logos, instantly share the finished drawings, even to the point of showing the drawings come to life in video formats.

Instant Gratification

The digital portrait grants instant access and guest enjoyment. Enhanced with seemless mobile printing, where the artist wears a portable printer, our live artists allow guests to enjoy their analog keepsake without thinking twice. Mobile printing means no Booth. The Booth is a thing of the past. Such mobility allows flexibility in how you use the artists at your event. The best part of planning an event with our services is that guests enjoy it and you don’t have to worry about our team conflicting with your other catering, activations, and event structure. Use us on your rooftop, on a cruise, or on a bus trip. We are flexible and here to cater to your event.

Available locally in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and London, with travel in between and internationally.

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Our Approach

Drawing Booth works with talented artists capable of  creating a minimalist portrait in just a few minutes.

Our artists provide a sophisticated experience in both their creative and personal styles, and are trained to mingle and help your guests have a good time.

These are NOT caricatures. These are stylish digital portraits.

These are sophisticated minimalist portraits that specialize in capturing flattering likenesses with speed, precision, and confident brush strokes that reflect sensitivity to the subject (your guests!), while celebrating Drawing Booth’s origins in the brush and ink tradition.

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