Drawing Booth seeks exceptional artists to provide sophisticated hand-drawn portraits on an iPad for private and corporate events. Artists must be reliable, comfortable working with a crowd, able to engage event-goers in casual conversation and able to draw flattering portraits of people in as little 3 minutes.

The job of the artist is not only to capture the portrait, but to engage with attendees, while handling the technology and procedures smoothly with aplomb. Tasks include drawing the portrait, engaging in conversation with the subject and guest-bystanders, diplomatically fielding attendee and client requests, saving and sending the completed drawings to the client and to print on a mobile hip-holstered printer, and presenting the finished work- all in a matter of minutes.

If you are confident about your live portraiture and ability to work a crowd, apply today!


Must be comfortable engaging strangers in polite and genial conversation- making them feel at ease at an event.
Must be able to be comfortable mingling in a crowd, chit-chatting with attendees as required, and pleasing with a portrait.
Must be able to draw a sophisticated, 2 minute, flattering likeness of various ages, sex, and demographics, on an iPad with a pressure sensitive stylus.
Must be comfortable using and learning mobile technologies in a fast-paced environment.
Must be reliable. Arrive at events at designated time and work at top speed for the entirety of the event.
Must dress appropriate to the events.


BFA in Fine Art or Design field helpful, but not required.
Previous professional artistic experience helpful, but not required.
Previous event or service-industry experience helpful, but not required.


Artists are compensated on a per-event-basis at competitive rates.


To Apply: Please fill out the information detailed below, and submit a copy of your resume and relevant artwork to

City, State:
Social Media:
Link to portfolio of relevant work:

What is your previous experience doing quick portraits at events or in other capacities? (Limit- 500 characters)

Drawing Booth works exclusively with digital tools (iPad Pro with Apple Pencil). What is your experience with these tools or other digital drawing devices if any?

Drawing Booth requires artists to perform a 90 second portrait for the interview. Please submit both your own 90 second likeness and corresponding photo.

Is there anything else that you think we should know about you and your work?

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