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Our Artists

Our teams of highly trained artists come from diverse backgrounds in the arts industry ranging from graphic design, animation and creative production to fine arts, painting, illustration and more. Our artists aren’t just talented. They are also carefully selected from the local community to represent some of the best that their city has to offer, and for the palpable enjoyment they give, in sharing their art.

Our Events Team

In addition to our artists, the members of our event team include on-site team leaders, brand representatives, and technicians. The members of our event team provide on-site support for our artists, a connection between the event and our off-site staff, and ensure that your event goes off without a hitch.   





Drawing Booth HQ

Our internal team is passionate about art and technology and inspired by the people  and energy of the events industry.  Energized by all the possibilities of live-art, they work hard to ensure effortless service and seamless product delivery.

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