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Set-up is a cinch with Drawing Booth! All that is required is our artist with their iPad and special pressure-sensitive stylus! Adding on-site printing to your package includes one of our portable printers that takes up less room than a sheet of paper, and can be plugged in anywhere convenient or set up wirelessly for a completely mobile experience.

Web Gallery of images

A link with your images will be sent to you following your event.

Live Tweeting/Social Media Posting

Let the world know that you have an exciting event happening by having your drawings posted to social media during the event! Use your own hashtags and twitter handles to get the word out.


Payment must be made in full the night of the event with a date saving deposit made upon booking. Payment can be made via credit card through our contracts.

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We care about delivering the highest quality product and the seamless process possible. If there is anything we can do to make your experience more pleasurable please contact us at

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