Digital Graffiti Wall


Standing at 7 x 10 feet our digital graffiti wall allows your guests to “paint” on a massive digital canvas.


Guests interact with wall, selecting colors, stencils, stickers. Up to 4 people can paint at once. Share and save artwork socially on our tablet.

Brand it
Customize the color palette, backgrounds, stencils, stickers, even brand the graffiti can! Include a message for guests when they email or text their artwork to their devices.

Setup includes: site check, 3 hour setup, on-site technician to assist guests. Please allow 45-60 minutes for disassembly.

We customize the art. You allow your guests to paint and
collaborate on custom-branded illustrations.

Ideas: Guests can customize a product, fill in a scene or
color in brand logos and images.

How does pricing work?
Flat rates include setup, staffing, and shipping to your event location. Local pricing now available for NYC.

*Lower lighting is optimal for use.

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