Was your first drawing at a mitzvah growing up? Get the next-generation mitzvah activation to wow your friends using top artists and the latest tech!

Our artists roam around your crowd offering a sophisticated drawing for the adults and a fun take-away for the kids.

Customize the drawings with your event logo and branding.

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Add Live-Projection for an extra kick!

Live Portraits

Capture both the kids and adults. You let us know who to focus on and we will give them the special treatement!

See more live portrait samples.

Mobile Printing

Roaming artists so you can keep on partying! What ever space you host in, our artists can roam around to get their portrait.

Learn more about mobile printing.

Mitzvah Themes

Remember your special day with a custom branded theme. Send us your logos and event branding and we will do the rest. Themes are used on each print and digital drawing.

Special Portraits

Special portraits of the bar/bat mitzvah and their families can be added to your event package.

Capture Your Decor 

Our artists can capture your decor style during moments of quiet.

Playful Styles

Looking for something fun with color? Request a fun kid friendly approach.

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