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Digital Live Art ExperiencesOur artists mingle in your crowd adding surprise and excitement, leaving your guests with a gift they will not forget.

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Virtual Offerings 3D Portrait

What Sets Us Apart

  • Style

    Of our drawings and our approach.

  • Professionalism

    A streamline process from planning to execution.

  • Dedicated Team

    Excited to produce your vision.

  • Experience

    As the first digital interactive portrait service we are constantly working to improve our services to better suit your needs.

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Digital Live Sketch Artists

Unique entertainment and gift for your next event

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Custom Branding
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How it Works

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Virtual Offerings

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Take your photo-booth to the next dimension!3D technology and neural network capabilities come together for a unique, instant, branded take-away and a multidimensional selfie experience!

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3D Portraits by Drawing Booth

How it Works

  • Get Scanned

    Event guests hold a pose for 30 seconds while a Drawing Booth 3D Technician captures their portrait using a 3D mobile scanner.

  • Pick Your Angle

    Guests manipulate the captured scan in a virtual 3D space on the scanner’s screen and pick an angle they would like to send to themselves.

  • Choose a Style

    Guests select a stylization of their choosing from the available options.

  • Share It

    Guests then enter their email and instantly receive both the stylized and original image capture with event branded overlay on the image.

  • What do guests receive?

    Guests receive two images. A JPG file of the original 3D photo plus the stylized version. Both images include company branding automatically.

Live Projection


Custom Branding

  • Full color designs
  • Include your logo
  • Custom Artwork

Sharing Options



Printing Options

  • Mobile Printing 4 x 6 inch glossy (Included in Standard Package)
  • 4 x 6” or 6 x 8” Printing Station
  • 8 X 10” Lettersize Prints
  • 4 X 6” Sticker Printing

Team Building

Capture Speakers with Their Ideas

Digital Graffiti Wall


Guests interact with wall, selecting colors, stencils, stickers. Up to 4 people can paint at once. Share and save artwork socially on our tablet.

Brand it

Customize the color palette, backgrounds, stencils, stickers, even brand the graffiti can! Include a message for guests when they email or text their artwork to their devices.


Setup includes: site check, 3 hour setup, on-site technician to assist guests. Please allow 45-60 minutes for disassembly.

Tangible Interaction

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Meet Our Team


Founder and CEO

Reach out to Elke for brainstorming creative or tech. If you are lucky she may even be drawing at your event!


Director of Global Accounts

From inquiries to the final booking detail, Shira makes the booking process smooth and simple!


Chief of Operations

Logistics, legal, management, and creative development. You may be in touch with Yasmin to get systems in order!



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