Behind Our Redesign

In the past three years the technology and resources behind the scenes at Drawing Booth has changed, and with it so have our styles, approaches, and target market. The original Drawing Booth started with the most minimalist drawing approach, since at the time, that was all the technology could handle. Today we are able to provide an extensive range of styles, and offerings and in new locations!

With two new US cities and one international, we dropped the name “NY Drawing Booth”. We became an international brand whose voice is reflective of the art and culture of each of its cities (though as New Yorkers, we like to think we bring a bit of panache wherever we go, along with our New York hustle!).

With the new name we felt ready for a new logo and brand identity. We dropped some of the remnants of our wedding-industry past and adopted a sleek, yet artistic monogram aesthetic that suits both our luxury clients and the fun holiday parties we are known for. The designers of Kornsweig & Co helped us to create a logo mark reflective of the unique Drawing Booth combination of elegance, sophistication, artistic integrity, and tech party fun we are known and strive for.

For our digital interface we wanted an interactive experience; a site reflective of our unique voice in the tech industry while showcasing our creative talent. For this we chose LA-based Bancs Media to come up with an innovative custom interface that pushes technical and creative boundaries while also representing our position at the nexus of the tech, events and creative industries. We hope that this new site helps people get a better sense of all of the activity that goes on behind the scenes at Drawing Booth, and will help them to think more expansively about hey they can more effectively harness our growing pool of talent and resources.

After three years of hard work and good fortune, we are proud to showcase our achievements with this new look. We hope you will join our world and we welcome your feedback. Updated social accounts can now be found @drawingbooth (instagram) and @drawingboothHQ (facebook, twitter, pinterest). Subscribe to Drawing Booth to be kept in the loop on our latest news.

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