Graffiti Wall Now Available Locally in NYC

Drawing Booth is pleased to introduce exclusive local pricing for Graffiti+ Digital Graffiti Walls in New York City and travel rates from the East Coast.

Standing 7-feet tall and 10-feet wide, Graffiti+ gives your guests an opportunity to paint on a massive canvas in a unique experience they will remember. The setup is brandable, sparks curiosity and always engages your crowd.

“We built the graffiti wall to bring people together with a fun, hands-on, interactive experience where anyone can grab a digital spray can to create art.”

Graffiti+ has worked with global brands such as Ford, Verizon, ESPN, Heineken, Samsung, Nokia, Adidas and more, delivering quality custom programed activations with their unique technology that seamlessly integrates in many event environments.

YVS Graffiti Japan

Onsite printing and sharing options are available as well as custom build outs for conferences and brand activations.

The entire system packs into 2 easily transportable cases with 1 technician to setup, takedown, and guide your participants in their use of the wall.

More than just an event technology, these walls become digital playspaces for igniting curiosity. The resulting work can be seen in large public spaces, convention centers, offices and homes.

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