‘Prepared’ Not ‘Pivot’


In discussing our host of virtual offerings we have often used the term “pivot”. After reading this article we decided to rethink our approach and instead as ourselves, “What prepared us for COVID 19?”

  • We already had samples of offerings like graphic recording that are more in demand now.
  • We already have a ‘distributed’ administrative team (work from home) used to operating virtually.
  • We CAN draw people virtually.
  • Our artists already have equipment in their possession.

“Perhaps more than other industries, the event industry requires us to be prepared. As creators of live experiences, we are trained to plan for the unexpected. We are versed in last minute (last second*) changes. It’s our job to have plan A, plan B, plan C-Z. To always have an answer for our clients, our teams, our competitors.”

Staying in business during a global pandemic is not easy! Thank you to everyone who has worked with us to deliver quality experiences that are happy to keep on as part of our expanded offerings.

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