What is Drawing Booth?


Drawing Booth is a new spin on live-event sketching. Our mobile artists capture your event attendees, presenters, and decor in a quick and stylish package using the latest tech and branding integrated solutions customized to your event. Drawings are given out to attendees as gifts, and integrate with your other activation experiences.

How is this service different from “caricature” vendors?

We gave the whole event sketch artist concept a social media-friendly face-lift. Sophistication is our motto, from the artists’ presence to the quick drawings themselves. We mingle and engage with the crowd, drawing chic portraits of your guests in only a few minutes. We are here to make your guests feel good about themselves.

What else will I love about it?

In addition to the digital portrait, our artists are outfitted with mobile printers, so you go from surprise live-art, to printed branded giveaway right where the guests are standing! Guests are pleasantly surprised and love this small gift. Custom branding is included on all our printed and digital custom backgrounds!

From intimate cocktail hours to big blowout bashes, add surprise and live-art creativity and guest engagement to your event!

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Pricing is all inclusive and is based on the number of hours, artists, and behind-the-scenes labor involved. For a quick quote email Shira@drawingbooth.com. with the time, location, number of attendees, and event type/details. 

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